Capabilities Powered by Cloud 9®

The evolution of distribution for customers and suppliers. Check out the capabilities of the EVO platform.

Our EDI integrations connect our suppliers, customers, warehouse and freight services altogether, under one network; this next-level of automation enables EVO and our partners to process transactions quicker and more efficiently ultimately allowing for greater operational speed and accuracy.

Running off an all-in-one cloud business management solution, this advanced ERP system empowers customers with the ability to access a personalized system with their parts, pricing, and other data points specific to their account.

Cloud 9 is a sophisticated and informative platform for customers to manage everything EVO. In development for over five years, the Cloud 9 Platform was built for the customer. Customers will benefit from the unique capability to bi-directionally connect with EVO’s advanced systems, which delivers real time information and advanced capabilities regarding their account. The platform was created with the purpose of providing solutions through information, and Cloud 9 will introduce a new way of accessing key customer account details.

Real-time Efficiency in Order Processing, Inventory Knowledge, and Metric Reporting

Cloud 9 offers the ability to place and track orders, monitor inventory details and access all information about your account.

Fully Integrated Freight Automation

EVO’s Freight Services Program includes shipping consolidation, freight support, and advanced integrations for access to real-time data.

Easy & Smart Ordering & Re-Ordering With Ability to Split Orders

Manage and access your sales orders with the ability for one-click re-ordering. Customers have the option to split orders when partial inventory is available to meet your needs.

Integrated Inventory Protection Program

Utilize EVO’s proprietary software product for protecting inventory. Manage and access your blanket orders and customize your release dates and quantities.

Technical Specifications & Product Images

A complete catalog of your products with technical specifications and 360° product views.

Invoices & Balances In One Place, Ability to Pay Through ACH

Access accounting information in one place. Ability to review your account balance and process invoices.

Live Chat & Access To Your Dedicated Customer Success Team Member

Personalized customer service with the click of a button. Jump online to begin chatting with your customer success team member.

Supply Chain & Freight

Centralized Distribution

Selected through an extensive Center of Gravity study, the EVO Distribution Centers create greater convenience and efficiency for our customers. With a variety of products from multiple vendors, our distribution model provides our customers efficiencies by consolidating shipments.

Integrated Freight Automation

Streamlined ordering, shipping consolidation and freight optimization. Our dedicated team can manage all your freight related processes including freight claims and damaged or missing product.

Inventory Management

A partnership with EVO provides the opportunity to manage stock levels and minimize the impact on lead times from multiple suppliers. Our team and platform will provide predictability and reduce the amount of time required to manage your supply chain.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

We analyze our customers’ sales histories to identify forecasting recommendations, which avoid potential risks that can lead to delays. We identify opportunities for shipping consolidations and areas to improve efficiencies. Our proprietary system enables the EVO team to protect our customers against disruptive supply chain challenges.

Customer Success Team

With our deep knowledge, experience and commitment to the industry, we have positioned our customer service team for regional support backed by our national sales team. Our customer success team paired with EVO’s services will create a valued partnership.