Inventory Protection Program

EVO’s premier blanket order service is designed to offer our customers reliability and protection from unwanted supply chain interruptions.

Cost Savings

Plan and consolidate your shipments to save on freight.


Consolidate shipments to reduce invoicing and shipment paperwork.


Set it and forget it. Once you have your program set up, we take care of the rest, saving you time and effort so you can address other business needs.


Minimize the impact from lead time and spikes in demand.


Choose whether you want your material released by date or by request.

Easy to Setup

Specify your requirements once – and that’s it. We will review your usage and forecasting on a quarterly basis moving forward.

Customizable & Flexible Methods to Receive Your Inventory

Release Dates

Customer provides blanket order specifying when they want a product released over the period of the Inventory Protection Program.

Release by Request

Customer provides blanket order with specific products and quantities for EVO to stock over a defined period of time. The customer will request releases when they need product either until the end of the period or until the stock associated with the blanket order is depleted.

Auto-Renew Feature

Selecting the Auto-Renew feature for the program will enable EVO to automatically enter new blanket orders for the customer as existing blanket orders expire. Customers will be notified of renewal with the product details from the new blanket orders.